ORA on Chokoloskee Island

Owners' Web Site

Where Lot Owners at the ORA Resort in Chokoloskee, FL post information of potential interest to other owners there.


Navigation tabs are located at the top of each page. Click on a tab to switch to that section of the web site. The Blog tab is similar to the original oragray site.  It is a good idea to check the Blog tab and the Joe's Corner tab to see the latest posts, especially if you are not signed up for email notification of new posts.

Registration and Login (Updated 6-1-2014)

The content on the ORA Board and Contact Us tabs above is only available to current lot owners who have registered on this site and who are currently logged in. You only need to register once but you need to log in each time you want to visit the Board tab or the Contact Us tab. If you plan on using these tabs and If you have not already registered on this site, please click here for registration instructions. Forgot your password but remember your user name? Click on Login above then choose "Reset Password". Don't remember your user name? Send an email to ora.notices@gmail.com. Include your name as shown in the ORA owner records and lot number and we can help. PLEASE do not just register again. The verification process is manual and may take up to 24 hours. You will receive an email when your account is activated.

Contact the Board or the Site Administrator

The site is interactive. Registered owners may use the Contact Us tab to provide input to the Board, to ask questions about the Resort, or to contact the administrator for this site.

Email Notification of New Posts to the Site (Updated 6-4-2014)

All owners who register on this site will automatically be added to the new information email notification list. You can unsubscribe from the list or change your email address by using the links at the bottom of any notification email that you receive. Owners who choose not to register on the site but wish to receive notification emails may add their email addresses to the new post notification list by clicking HERE. Add ora.notices@gmail.com to your email address book to be sure you receive the messages in your in box. Check your spam/junk folder if you are registered on the site but are not receiving the notification emails.


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ORA Web Sites

This web site is available to all current ORA owners. The site contains information about owners, activities, and Board actions. Registration is required to view some of the information. ORA's External Web site http://www.orachokoloskeerv.com/ is designed to give the public information about our park and to encourage others to visit the resort.